Ethos and Values

Our Ethos and Vales Statement underpins all of the work we do with young people. It was written by all staff who are totally committed to its content. It was written in order to show our commitment to the following principles that will create an environment that:

  • Fosters and sustains independence.
  • Develops and sustains emotional and physical literacy.
  • Focuses on life skills to equip our young people to solve problems and be adaptable and self-confident.
  • Constantly challenges pupils to make progress and do better.
  • Values and implements positive re-enforcement.

We wish to achieve this by embedding the following into the core of our community

Resilience and Respect

Adults and Pupils are given opportunities to develop resilience in their academic and social lives. All should show respect and tolerance for those who live different lives and have different beliefs. Adults should support and nurture this in their dealings with young people. We listen to each other and try to see others point of view. We plan a challenging curriculum in which children can see clear pathways to success.

Inclusion and Independence

Adults and pupils are encouraged to have a strong sense of belonging to a well-developed community and feel valued by all within it. We all show kindness and empathy. Children are encouraged to be independent thinkers and have the life skills to enable them to live a successful and active life. Our Academy should be part of our community and our community should be involved with us.

Self Determination and Self-Belief

We encourage children and staff to take ownership and responsibility for their actions. We encourage everyone to face the consequences of their actions. All are expected to have the highest of expectations in all areas of their work.


Everything we do should have meaning and purpose. All within our community should have moral imperative with which they always refer to when making decisions or developing strategy. Strong moral code is encouraged where children are taught right and wrong and where adults model collaborative and positive behaviour.


All individuals within the Academy should be empowered to be confident and purposeful, have high but realistic ambition and to take and provide opportunities for experience and personal growth. We should not use the power and authority we have to belittle or demean others. As a community we celebrate our diversity and teach children to be proud of who they are and encourage them to develop a role in their communities that allows them to be successful citizens.


All should be encouraged to be able to adapt to change while understanding that some will find this difficult. All staff accept that not all children are the same and that they have to identify and nurture skills and talents in every child and nurture them.

Positive Relationships

We should all understand and accept each other’s differences, we should celebrate and embrace differences and use this acceptance as the foundation for building positive, supportive relationships. We recognize all achievement and celebrate it equally. We appreciate the central role that families play in the life of our community and respect their contribution to it.


All members of our Academy community should demonstrate the highest professional standards at all times. They should expect the same of colleagues and voice concerns about behaviour that falls short of these high standards in a positive and supportive way.

Ethos and Values Policy –

Values and Ethos

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