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About Us

Woodlands Academy is a place for young people with a variety of disabilities to work, learn and achieve. Standards and expectations are high for all and linked to achievable targets embedded in a personalised curriculum. Its is the aim of the school to provide young people with the tools to achieve the highest possible academic standards which will enable them to make greater, more informed choices in the future. We believe that maintaining the highest standards and expectations of behaviour and attendance will maximise individual attainment.  It is our intention that young people leaving Woodlands Academy will be independent thinkers with enquiring minds who have enjoyed and achieved during their time here and have become responsible citizens and successful learners. Woodlands Academy curriculum is diverse and enables all young people to gain a set of skills that will allow them to continue achieving beyond school. We offer a range of qualifications from Entry Level to GCSE and Functional Skills. This enables all pupils to leave school with accredited qualifications that support their post 16 choices. Integral to all activities young people at Woodlands School engage in are, high expectations, an equality of opportunity and social inclusion.  All staff and Governors work with our community to ensure that our young people:

  • Develop a respect for all learning and enjoy all of the learning experiences provided for them
  • Develop lively and enquiring minds
  • Become successful and responsible members of their communities
  • Develop the skills to communicate effectively as adults
  • Develop tolerance and respect for other religions, races, genders and those living alternative lifestyles
  • Develop a sense of pride and self esteem for themselves
  • Develop nurturing and empathy skills
  • Develop self discipline skills
  • Care for their communities and environment

Woodlands Academy believes that the school curriculum should be broad and balanced and enrich each pupil’s life experiences. Woodlands Academy is committed to ensuring all pupils gain accreditation through – out school and leave with an extensive Record of Achievement. We work hard to ensure that each young person’s individual special needs are catered for and challenged. Our school curriculum develops through out the year as the needs of our young people change. All staff are committed to valuing all young people and we honour and celebrate all achievement and endeavour. We are committed to the National Healthy Schools Standard and we strive to ensure all young people work in a clean and healthy environment.. We are committed to a comprehensive sex and relationships education programme for all young people. Woodlands Academy is supported by Connexions to provide high quality careers guidance and post 16 support to young people and their parents. Woodlands Academy is committed to experiential learning that develops their personal and social skills as well as securing and developing curriculum knowledge. We are committed to developing the personal learning and thinking skills of all young people. We reflect these in our planning and are integrated into our rewards and sanctions policy and procedures.

Further information about Woodlands Academy can be found on the Department for Education website.

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