Talking about Racism

The British Red Cross have produced a resource about how to talk to children and young people about racism.

There is a downloadable PDF to enable you to discuss racism with your child It gives some great points for discussion and also lists some useful reference material.

There are lots of ideas for websites you can visit, books you can read and activities they can do.


Commando Joe comes to Woodlands

Commando Joe’s is a provider of fun and fitness programmes which focus on the development of character traits. Commando Joe employs military veterans to help instil certain aspects of military ethos, such as leadership, self-discipline and to ensure every child reaches their full potential.

From September 2020, Woodlands and all the other schools within the Raleigh Learning Trust will be taking part in Commando Joe missions.

Missions provide pupils of all ages with key character building and life skills lessons. Commando Joe trainers will work with small groups, individuals and classes, delivering exciting and practical lessons.

British Red Cross – First Aid Course

The British Red Cross has produced an online first aid training course. The course is aimed at young people and features videos, information and quizzes to help you to learn what to do when you faced with an emergency.

The links below take you to the primary First Aid Course and there is also a secondary course available. Have a go at the course and find out what you have to do if someone is taken ill.

Beware Online Scams

Nottinghamshire Police are warning people to be extra careful of online scams related to the Corona Virus.
There have been a number of people who’ve been scammed by fraudsters claiming to sell hand sanitizers, face masks and then not delivering the items.

Nottinghamshire Police have produced a leaflet to warn people about potential dangers. Please read this leaflet and share it with others to warn as many people as possible.

International News – Life in Uganda

Our link school, Cornerstone school in Kititi, Uganda have contacted us to say they are all safe and well.

They visited us in autumn 2019, organising some amazing drumming and dance workshops.

They have sent us a newsletter about how they are adapting to life with Corona Virus and what they are doing to prevent the spread in their community.

Students in key stage 3 have created a newsletter about life in Woodlands and the UK with corona Virus that we have sent to them.

If anyone has created any pictures or work at home, we can pass it onto them if you send it in to school.

Here is a link to the newsletter

Here is the Woodlands newsletter – thanks to students in class 5

If anyone is interested in helping them (financially), they have a Justgiving page so you can make a donation to their charity.

Travel the World – Virtually

As the lockdown continues, we cannot travel, so why not take a virtual tour with some great International resources from across the globe.

So you can learn some Spanish, learn how to make traditional Polish Rooster paper cut outs and take a guided tour of Mexico.

Here are some great information and activity packs from many different countries.

We have some great downloadable resources from the British Council.

All of these resources and so much more is available on the British Council website

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