International Writing Competition

In conjunction with our Egyptian link school in Cairo, we are organising a story writing competition. A student from Gamal Abdel Nasser Public School has started the story called ‘The moan of the fish’. We would like students to write the next chapter of the story so we can share it with our linked students in Cairo, Egypt.

The story is about a fish that travels through the polluted river Nile towards the Mediterranean Sea. The fish finds a friend and together they plan to head to the North Pole in the next chapter, to see if there is less pollution. Their journey to the North Pole is the chapter they would like you to write …

If anyone is interested in writing the second chapter or in designing / drawing some illustrations for the book then please email them to

There will be a prize for the best chapter and illustrations – so get creative and start writing!

Here are some other chapters completed by a school

in South Korea