Global Happiness Conference 2019

The Global Happiness Conference which took place in Bewdley at the beginning of November was a great success. It comprised of more than 10 schools from across the UK and around the world.

Our students shared their work with the students from overseas and really liked the models (made by class 5) and the many guides to Britain (made by class 8). Classes 4, 6 and 7 also wrote about what made them happy and our students were pleased to find out about what students think from as far afield as South Korea, India, Egypt and Jordan.

The Indian students performing a traditional dance
Ugandan students showcasing their dancing skills
Korean students performing a K-pop song

The conference was the first such Happiness conference in the UK and it is hoped the start of an annual event bringing together students from all over the world.

Our students will continue to work together with our link schools in the coming months to learn more about what makes us all happy.