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Teams Guide for Parents and Students

We have created a step by step guide to help logging onto Microsoft Teams for all those students who are accessing online lessons.

Please download the guide and follow the step by step guide to help support you and your child accessing online assignments and lessons.

There are different teams for different subjects and the assignments should be available to view and download or access online.

If you have any questions, then please ask

Click on the link below to open the guide –

How to use Microsoft Teams

A Guide to Parental Controls Online

Going online and watching TV are an everyday part of children’s lives. Children often have their own media devices and TVs, and new websites and gadgets are appearing all the time. It’s a tough job keeping up with it all and there’s a fine line between both encouraging and protecting at the same time.

There may be unsuitable content on the internet and the television that you don’t want your child to see. But you can take steps to protect your children from the potential dangers and this guide explains how to do that.


Commando Joe comes to Woodlands

Commando Joe’s is a provider of fun and fitness programmes which focus on the development of character traits. Commando Joe employs military veterans to help instil certain aspects of military ethos, such as leadership, self-discipline and to ensure every child reaches their full potential.

From September 2020, Woodlands and all the other schools within the Raleigh Learning Trust will be taking part in Commando Joe missions.

Missions provide pupils of all ages with key character building and life skills lessons. Commando Joe trainers will work with small groups, individuals and classes, delivering exciting and practical lessons.

British Red Cross – First Aid Course

The British Red Cross has produced an online first aid training course. The course is aimed at young people and features videos, information and quizzes to help you to learn what to do when you faced with an emergency.

The links below take you to the primary First Aid Course and there is also a secondary course available. Have a go at the course and find out what you have to do if someone is taken ill.